Life Ionizer Client Testimonials

"With my body continuing to improve and get healthier, I cannot imagine life without my Life Ionizer."
Marisa Zeppieri-Caruana
Board Member, Lupus Foundation of America
"Ionized alkaline mineral water is the healthiest water available. It will be one of the best investments in health you've ever made."
Dr. Don Colbert
NY Times Best-Selling Author

What some of our customers have to say about us:

“Five stars.” That’s the kind of Life Ionizer Reviews we get from our customers when they talk about their Life Ionizer. We hear from people who firmly believe that their Life Ionizer has made a huge difference in their health all the time. You can find 5 star Life Ionizer Reviews on Amazon, Google, Facebook, and plenty of other places. Of course, you can find many Life Ionizer Reviews on the Life Ionizer website.

Amazon Reviews for Life Ionizer 'MXL' Series Alkaline Water Ionizers

“We purchased this ionizer after doing a lot of research. It seems like there are a lot of companies out there that are not very good. So just to be safe we got the Pitcher of Life first (a more affordable option made by the same company). It worked GREAT. After using the pitcher of life for awhile we felt good about this company and decided to invest in an ionizer, we have been very happy. We are sold and do not plan on ever going back to regular water.” – Curtis R.

“I really wanted to start drinking Ionized Alkaline Water for a long time. I had been exposed to the water through a friend and went to about five meeting on Ionized Alkaline Water from another company. I was totally impressed with the benefits of Ionized Alkaline Water but I just could not come up with the $4000+ they wanted for the machine. I started doing my own research on Ionized Alkaline Water machines and really liked the price and quality of the M7 Life Ionizer and started communicating with the company about their machine. The customer service was outstanding and has been for the past three years since buying my machine.” – Mustang

“We bought our Countertop water Ionizer in October, 2013 and have been extremely please with the functionality, ease of use and the service. I had doubts about the Company before buying it since some Ionizer Companies are no longer in business. I was concerned about the warranty and service in addition to the quality. There is a lot of marketing hype on the internet and I spent 4 weeks doing all sorts of comparisons. Finally, we decided on buying the M9 Countertop and I must confess we hit the jackpot when it comes to drinking quality ionized water.” – Vijay M.

“We have been using LIFE Ionizers for the past 6 years. I highly recommend this water filter to those who want to increase healthy benefits. Compared to other filters the taste with LIFE Ionizers is far better than other brands on the market. At our small office the staff is always going back for seconds. We look forward to renewing our filters to continue receiving this tasty water.” – Samuel K.

“As a Nutritionist, I believe in a lifestyle for prevention of disease and holistic healing modalities to support health & healing. I am grateful to have Alkaline Ionized Water by Life Ionizers! I’ve been recommending this company line for over 5 years because of the cutting edge technology & quality product line.” – Michelle V.

“I just am crazy in love with my life ionizer. I have the M9 Countertop model and I can already see a difference in my skin and my energy. The tap water where I live is full of heavy metal toxins, Life Ionizers customized my machine to remove those from my water. Alkaline water is the way to go, and the machine breaks down the molecules so your body can readily absorb the water into your cells better. I would recommend this product to everyone. Not only is it a great product, the company is so helpful and knowledgeable. I just cannot say enough about how awesome this is. And the price is phenomenal too.” – Eŕnette L.

“I love the life ionizer. We have been using it for about a year now. I have always been fussy about the water I drink already owning a reverse osmosis water filtering system. When I read about alkalized water I knew I had to have one. I enjoy drinking our water when I know I have done everything I can to make our water the best it can be. Also have cut back on buying veggie fruit cleaners.” – JoAnne F.

“I love my Life Ionizer M11! It’s convenient to use and I feel good drinking the water. I love knowing that my family is getting the best and healthiest water! We also give it to our dogs. You can really taste a difference in the tap water and the alkaline water. This was the best wedding gift that we got. We use it everyday for everything! All our guests really enjoy drinking the water as well. I have been recommending it to all my friends!” – Anya D.

“My family and I invested in the Life Ionizer MXL-5 alkaline water purifier a year ago. It was one the best choices we’ve made in providing cleaner water for our family. Our grandchildren drink more water now and it’s better for them. Our water is cleaner, safer and free of toxins or rust. Coffee tastes better now since using alkaline water.” – Marjorie A.

“We have been using our Life Ionizer around 1 month now. We love it! We use it daily. I take the 10 pH water to work with me every day. We also use it for cooking. We are new to juicing and soak our fruits and veggies in the 11 pH water before we juice. We used to buy bottled water for drinking around the house and at work. Having the Life Ionizer has saved us a lot of money since we don’t have to buy bottled water. I have recommended the company to both family and friends.” – Phillip

“Unlike the Japanese out-dated old-fashioned design yet much more expensive multi-marketed water ionizers which are not nearly as good, with the LIFE Water Ionizers you never need to add any chemicals to the water to make even the most alkaline PH 11.0 water and you never have to do any multi-marketing selling, besides, the LIFE Ionizers are such a good value and have the most advanced and best quality design they sell themselves and don`t need any multi-level marketing to get people to buy them! I highly recommend LIFE Water Ionizers to everyone.” – Milan V.

“I wrote another review on Amazon when I just had bought the life Ionizers. I am glad to say that this product keeps surprising me with all its benefits. The downside is that you’ll never be able to drink any other kind of water. Those expensive bottles of water that you were used to be in love with, suddenly taste salty. This water on the other hand tastes fresh. I take enough supplies with me when I am going on vacation. “ – Melody K.

“Before I purchased my Life Ionizer, I’ve gotten a container full of water from my friend who had another machine and I was really shocked when I was about to cap the container. Boy, I got a whiff of chlorine ! Immediately, I knew that brand of machine was not coming in my home. I went online and sought out other Ionizers and Life caught my attention. The warranty, quality of material , and the cost really impressed me. I and my family won’t drink any other water except what comes out of our MXL-11 machine.” – Chachadlite.

“Life Ionizers (company) has the best alkaline ionizer ever built. I bought the MXL-11 model on August 2015. Before I made the decision for the purchase a year ago, I did my research to evaluate more than 10 different alkaline ionizer manufacturers by Japan, Korea, Taiwan or U.S.. I determined to seek for the best alkaline ionizer based on price performance in body detox. After extensive time spent in comparing of all the features, I focus at the highest rated Life Ionizer alkaline machine with the most advanced features superior than other alkaline ionizers.” – Healthmonitorforgood

“We are very pleased with our M11 undercounter Life Ionizer. I did extensive research and called the company several times before purchasing, and they were always helpful and very knowledgable. As we were installing, I had several questions for tech support. We were extremely pleased with the help we received from Anthony. The unit fit well under our sink, and the faucet is very easy to use. The water has a very clean taste, and we enjoy drinking the alkaline water.” – Wrmczy.