Do Good Things & Make Money While You're At It!

If you believe in our products as much as we do, then we need to have you on our team. Not only are you poised to experience vast opportunities, but you are also helping people to live healthier lives; reducing your carbon footprint, and you are earning an income at the same time! Choose from one of the following programs:

Wholesale Dealer

Being a LIFE Dealer has numerous benefits and privileges, including: 

  • Generous wholesale rates – we believe the majority of the revenue should go to the person who educates the consumer and handles the sale.
  • Personal website with a unique domain name.
  • Sales tools for you to help increase your revenue.
  • Marketing tools to help create “buzz” and deliver more customers.
  • Bi-monthly webinars.
  • Full support and training.

Referral Program

Receive money for telling others about the great health benefits!

    1. Purchase a LIFE Ionizer unit.
    2. Experience the health benefits and share your experiences with your friends.
    3. For every friend, you refer that purchases a LIFE Ionizer, you will receive a generous check
    4. Call and ask for the sales department.

Find out what it takes to become an official Life Ionizer dealer!


“I thought the water source has something to do with it. I notice the pH reading fluctuates in different areas. For example in San Jose, I needed to set higher level 2 in order to get around 8.6, for the 7700 unit. But in Anaheim, the 5100 unit I get 9.7 when set at level 2. Overall the WATER is really good. I can taste the difference between Enagic and Life. Honestly, I like the Life taste better (must be the dual and pre-filter)! If I can learn to calibrate the unit to get stable pH, this will be a PLUS!!!

My lead told me that these units are priced reasonably and the water taste much better than bottle water, and he believes they WILL sales. All the people that the he talked to are subjected to Enagic product; thus, they never really given the opportunity to try other products.”