Life Ionizer Responds to Scam Review Site 'Ripoff Report'

Life Ionizers Alkaline Water Machines are the safest, best built, most powerful water ionizers made. Unlike some other manufactures and re-sellers, LIFE Ionizers Alkaline Water Machines are the real deal.

Life Ionizers is a registered trademark of EarthTrade Water based in Carlsbad, California 92011

The headquarters of LIFE Ionizer and Earthtrade Water, Inc. are at 6352 Corte Del Abeto Carlsbad, CA 92011. EarthTrade also have offices in Canada, Australia and the United Kingdom. EarthTrade built their company on the belief that the Alkaline Water Machines they make can change the world and better people’s health! LIFE Ionizers manufactures one of the finest water ionizers in existence. As the foremost manufacturer-distributors of these products, EarthTrade is proud to be a family-owned and operated company. EarthTrade and LIFE Ionizers provides the best service at honest prices.

EarthTrade Water and Life Water Ionizer Has Outstanding Customer Service

Ripoff Report has been given an F rating by the Better Business Bureau. In the last 3 years, Ripoff Reports has had 50 consumer complaints lodged against them with the Better Business Bureau. They have 19 complaints of false and fraudulent advertising, 28 consumer complaints of problems with their service and three billing, collection and delivery issues.

The website Ripoff Reports is a scam. Ripoff reports passes itself off as a consumer reviews website that reports on scams, review, complaints, and fraud, but when you look a little deeper, you’ll find that Ripoff Reports has scammed innocent businesses like LIFE Ionizers out of thousands of dollars for fake “reputation management” services.

The review site Ripoff Report is a fraud, read our full exposé here – Life Ionizers Reviews | Ripoff Report Scam.

By comparison, EarthTrade gets an A+ rating, the highest rating by the Better Business Bureau.

Life Water Ionizers / EarthTrade has been in business for 20 years. We have extensive record of consumer reports that show ethical business practices and outstanding customer service. Unlike other alkaline water ionizer companies, Life Water Ionizers claims are sincere and backed by current research and based on real science and personal experience. We don’t lie, exaggerate, or make unsubstantiated claims about the benefits of a healthy diet, life style and drinking Alkaline Water. We are true fans of the product we sell.

EarthTrade Water and LIFE Ionizers Stand Behind Their Alkaline Water Machines

The Ripoff Report review website is a scam pretending to be a consumer advocate. You need to look elsewhere to find honest reviews of Alkaline Water, EarthTrade Water, and LIFE Water Ionizer reviewsAmazonTrust Pilot, and Reseller Ratings!

Customer Testimonial: Bryan Dumesnil, Baseball Vet & Alkaline Water

7 yr Minor League Baseball Veteran relies on Alkaline Ionized Mineral Water for increased endurance, sports hydration and peak performance.

For more detailed information on the full 2019 LIFE Water Ionizer next generation M series read the article on our main Life Ionizers website – 2019 Life Ionizer Alkaline Water Machine models and also here Alkaline Water Ionizer Reviews. We are also glad to answer questions and provide you with a free, no obligation consultation at 877 959-7977.

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