False Health Claims Made About Kangan Water™

Kangen water™ does not cure disease, because it is not a drug

If you search the internet for Kangen water™, you will find many claims that it cures diseases. But Kangen water™ does not cure disease, because it is not a drug. Why do so many websites claim Kangen water™ cures disease? It is because of the way Enagic – the trademark owner of Kangen water™ – is set up.

Enagic™ Kangen™ makes no health claims about Kangen water™, but its independent network of water ionizer dealers do. The Kangen water™ machine is sold only through Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) a type of marketing that is not regulated by the US FDA. Because MLM salespeople aren’t regulated by the FDA, they can say anything they want.

Is Kangen water™ a Hoax?

Kangen water™ is ionized alkaline water. Studies show that it may have potential health benefits, but it is not a drug. Unfortunately the outrageous “miracle cure” claims that Kangen™ salespeople make causes Kangen water™ to sound like snake oil.

Kangen water™ is a hoax, but not because it isn’t healthy to drink, but because of the way it is sold. Kangen water™ salespeople are misrepresenting their product to the public. Kangen marketers make alkaline water look bad by making claims that are not supported by medical research.

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How to get the FACTS about the Benefits of Alkaline Water

Companies that sell factory direct such as LIFE Ionizers are accountable to the FDA for any claims they make. You can be sure that LIFE is very careful to avoid making statements that would upset the FDA!

Buying factory direct is your assurance that the company that is selling you your ionizer is held accountable for its claims. If you buy through MLM sales, you have no guarantee.

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