Life Ionizers Top end M-13 water ionizer

WHY Choose LIFE?

This informative 74 page guide will give you a better understanding of the reasons for and benefits of an alkaline water cleanse.


LIFE’s top end M-13 water ionizer

LIFE’s top end M-13 water ionizer has 13 plates, and can adjust up to 800 watts of SMPS power. Thanks to all those plates and all that power, the M-13 outperforms all other water ionizers, period. At full power, it can reach a pH of 12, and an antioxidant potential of up to -900 ORP. That’s more than you can get from any other ionizer made.

LIFE Ionizers guarantees:

You get the highest age-fighting antioxidant potential in every glass of pH balanced alkaline water you drink. The ideal pH balance for daily consumption of alkaline water according to health experts is a pH range of 8.5 to 9.5.



Read the full 74 page guide here: Why Choose Life?