Alkaline Ionized Water vs. AQUAHydrate Bottled Water

Alkaline water is a popular choice among health-conscious consumers because of the healthy benefits it delivers. A new brand of bottled alkaline water, called AQUAhydrate® claims to be like alkaline water from a water ionizer. But a side-by-side comparison of alkaline water from a water ionizer and AQUAhydrate® bottled water reveals that AQUAhydrate water has some serious shortcomings.

AQUAHydrate water contains added sodium

According to AQUAhydrate®, their water is fortified by adding sodium, magnesium, and chloride (along with trace elements the company doesn’t list) to their water. This means that AQUAhydrate® gets its alkalinity primarily from sodium and magnesium. 

People on low-sodium diets should avoid AQUAhydrate® water for this reason! You probably get all the salt you need from the food you eat; you don’t need salt added to the water you drink!

Is AQUAHydrate the Same as Alkaline Ionized Water?​

AQUAhydrate® water is made by filtering water, adding some minerals and electrolytes to it, and then ionizing it with a water ionizer. The process used to make AQUAhydrate® water is similar to the process used by a home water ionizer to make alkaline water. But the problem for AQUAhydrate water is that ionized alkaline water doesn’t keep, so AQUAhydrate loses its potency as it sits on a store shelf.

Alkaline water from a water ionizer is low in sodium

Alkaline water gets its minerals – mostly calcium and magnesium – from the minerals found in tap water. Water supplies in America are low in sodium, so alkaline water from a water ionizer will be low in sodium. Because it is low in sodium, alkaline water from a water ionizer is better for you than bottled waters like AQUAhydrate® that contain added salt.

Alkaline Water vs AQUAHydrate Water for Health

A water ionizer can be set to make alkaline water at different pH levels depending on your health needs. A LIFE Ionizer M-9 can make alkaline water with a pH as high as 12, and an ORP of over -800 mV, which gives it enormous antioxidant potential.

AQUAhydrate® water can only be had at a pH of 9 – which is not suitable for children or people with low stomach acid. AQUAhydrate® water lacks the antioxidant –ORP potential of alkaline water. This is because – contrary to AQUAhydrate’s claims – ionized alkaline water doesn’t maintain its potency if you put it in a plastic bottle on a store shelf.

AQUAHydrate Water Lab Testing

We tested AQUAhydrate® water, and found its pH level was not what they advertise. Worse yet, AQUAhydrate water may be an oxidant because it has an ORP of +110 mV. A positive ORP suggests it may stimulate the formation of free radicals in the body.

We also tested AQUAhydrate®’s claim that their alkaline water is chemically stable. It’s not, the pH and =ORP are affected by the same things all other types of alkaline water are affected by: Light, heat, and time. There is no guarantee that AQUAhydrate® water will be as healthy as they suggest!

AQUAhydrate BPA Warning

The plastic bottle that AQUAhydrate® comes in may also be harmful to your health. It is made with BPA, a potent hormone disrupter. We recommend that women (especially pregnant and nursing women) plus children avoid drinking water that comes in bottles made with BPA.

Plastic Bottles are bad for the Planet

The BPA in plastic bottles is bad for your health, and the plastic bottles themselves are bad for the planet’s health. You can do yourself and the planet a huge favor by avoiding beverages in plastic bottles entirely. The manufacture of plastic takes a horrific toll on the environment, and the waste that plastic bottles generate lasts for thousands of years.

Alkaline Water vs AQUAHydrate - Price Difference

AQUAhydrate® water is very expensive; it costs about $1.40 a bottle! If you drank 2 liters of AQUAhydrate® water per day – which is recommended for good health and hydration – it would cost you $5.60 per day. A month’s supply would cost you about $168.00. You can finance a water ionizer for about $50.00 a month, and get all the alkaline water you want for pennies per gallon. You could purchase a LIFE Ionizer M-5 countertop unit for less than a 9 month’s supply of AQUAhydrate® water.

Alkaline Water Ionizers: Unlimited Supply of the Healthy Alkaline Water You Need

If you want healthy alkaline water for drinking and cooking, a water ionizer is a far more economical choice than AQUAhydrate® bottled water. Water ionizers provide you an unlimited monthly supply of alkaline water. AQUAhydrate® is a limited supply, and the plastic bottles it comes in are harmful to the environment. Don’t forget, healthy, filtered water isn’t just for drinking – It’s for cooking too! Those harmful contaminants in tap water pose the same dangers when you cook as when you drink the water!

Imagine having to purchase all that bottled water every time you cooked rice, pasta or when boiling your vegetables. If you used AQUAhydrate, you would pay hundreds a month! Do your wallet, your health, and the environment a favor. If you want healthy alkaline water, get a water ionizer. We can save you a lot of money on your very own LIFE Ionizer!

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