4 Signs That You May Have Kidney Stones

Kidney Stones and Health Symptoms by Lifeionizers

Abdominal pain is one of 4 Signs that you have kidney stones.

Pain is one of the more common symptom of kidney stones, but it isn’t the only one. Renal Colic, the waves of pain. A more common type of kidney stones. 4 Signs that you have kidney stones. If your pain is constant and severe, get medical help right away. Abdominal pain caused by kidney stones is also accompanied by changes in the color and odor of the urine along with flu-like symptoms. If you are in severe pain, see a doctor right away because severe abdominal pain can indicate a life-threatening condition. Keep in mind, kidney stones can pass on their own, but it isn’t worth taking chances. If you think you have kidney stones, you should see your doctor right away. Your doctor can lessen the discomfort and provide medicine to help you pass stones.

Discolored, smelly urine

A warning sign: Kidney stones result from excessively concentrated urine. If your urine is cloudy, dark, and has a strong odor on a regular basis, you may be at risk for forming stones. If stones have formed, blood may be visible in your urine. Keep in mind that kidney stones aren’t the only reason blood may enter your urine, it can be caused by kidney and bladder infections too.

Kidney pain

When stones get stuck in the kidneys, the pain is sudden and severe. The pain from kidney stones is among the worst known types of pain. Pain from stones being stuck in the kidneys may also be accompanied by back pain, pain in the genitals or groin. This pain may pass or move if the stones in the kidneys move. The pain caused by kidney stones comes in waves, this type of pain is called colic. In between acute pain episodes, there is usually a significant underlying ache. Learn More The most important things to talk about with your doctor and help identify the 4 signs that you have kidney stonesis that alkaline water raises urine pH, and that it supplies calcium. In most cases, alkaline water’s higher pH and the moderate amount of calcium it supplies will be helpful. There are some cases where doctors need to precisely control urine pH or calcium levels, so if you form stones, you need to talk to your doctor before drinking alkaline water.

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4 Signs You May Have Kidney Stones

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