Speak to Water Ionizers Specialist:


E1 Error Message Apply water pressure to the unit and then press the waking/standby button. Does Water exit the unit?

NO Remove the tubing from the outlet connector exiting the prefilter,and turn on the water. Does water exit the pre filter?


Yes, but it then
turn off after 5-10 seconds

  • This could indicate a defective internal water flow sensor.
  • Apply water pressure and press the waking/standby button.
  • Now check the number following LPM located on the front LCD screen.
  • If the LMP is registering 0.0 during extraction then stopping extraction call tech support for further assistance.

Yes, but very slow This indicates a lack of pressure to the ionizer or an expired filter causing flow restriction. Turn your water pressure to maximum. Does the problem still exists?

No The pre-filter is the issue, possibly installed wrong or clogged. Check the installation or call for a replacement.

Yes Check the 1.5"cylinder connected to the inlet connector on the bottom of the ionizer.

  • Remove it and check the screen inside for possible blockage.
  • If the screen was clean reinstall the 1.5" connector.
  • Remove Internal filter #1(located in the ionizer)
  • Turn on the water and press the waking/stanby button.

Does water exit the filter one location?

yes Remove the tubing from the inlet connector going to your pre filter. Now connect that tube to the inlet on the bottom of your ionizer.(Bypassing the pre filter). Apply water pressure and retest.
Did water flow increase?

yes The internal filter's are clogged and need to be replaced. Call filter sales for further info.

No Call Tech Support for further Info.

yes Pre filter is expired and needs to be replaced. Call filter sales for further info.

no The internal filters are expired and need to be replaced. Call filter sales for further info.